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Cashflows helps you forecast future balances of your bank accounts. It's simple to set up and requires minimal effort to maintain.

Tell it about your recurring transactions (including transfers between accounts) and future one-time transactions, and let it estimate your account balances months (or years) into the future.

It's not interested in the past, so there's no need to enter or maintain your transaction history.

Each time you open it, you'll see today's calculated balance for your accounts. Update it as often as you like with new starting balances to improve accuracy.

Getting started

First you'll need to add some information about your accounts. Initially just give them a name and (optionally) a description.

This is the account summary page. It shows you today's calculated balance, along with a minimum and maximum balance for the current forecast.

The forecast is calculated from a starting balance and an effective date.

For highly active accounts, you'll want to update this each time you use the app to maintain forecast accuracy. For other accounts, you might find it sufficient to update the balance every few months.

Tapping the Today, Minimum or Maximum balances will take you to the appropriate place in the forecast.

On the Recurring tab you can enter details of your recurring expenses and income. For each item you'll need to specify a name, an amount, an account and a start date.

The start date can be any day in the past or future. The transaction will recur at your chosen interval (monthly, weekly, yearly etc) from that date.

If the transaction represents a transfer to or from another account, select that in the Transfer field.

You can optionally enter an end date. This could be used to specify the end of a loan payment, or to build a "chain" of recurring transactions (for example, a bill which is due to increase some time in the future).

The Forecast view shows the starting balance and several pages of forecast transactions. Tap "More..." to forecast further into the future.

Transactions for the previous week will appear disabled (dimmed) if before the start balance date. Tap to toggle them on or off (useful for recent transactions that haven't been processed by your bank yet).

Tap the Account button at the top to quickly switch between accounts.

Tap the Starting balance row (or the Accounts tab) to return to the account summary to adjust the starting balance.

For transactions that have already occurred, simply tap to toggle them off.

To override a forecast transaction amount, tap the accessory (arrow) button and enter the adjusted amount.

To revert to the calculated amount, tap the accessory button followed by the Delete button.

Overridden recurring transactions are shown in a different color.

Tap the + button to add a manual transaction.

Enter a description, date and account. You can specify a transfer account too if required.

You can edit the transaction later, or tap the Delete transaction button to remove it.

Manual transactions are shown in a different color too.

To view the other end of a transfer, tap the Account button and select the other account.

You can edit an override or manual transaction from either end of a transfer. A debit from one account will appear as a credit in the other.

You can generate forecast reports within Cashflows and send them by email, or save to your Dropbox account. Click the image below to see the PDF report!